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Type Made Up

Designer: Charles Williams

This personal typography project by Charles Williams is certainly a fantastic piece to admire. What looks to initially be foam core board or a similar material, is transformed into strategically dissected segments. These segments, as they are raised and layered from the original board, create connecting forms that show off depth and initiate shadows while cohesively making for letterforms and sentence. The segments are diagonal in direction, and generally seem to be evenly cut in width. When complete, the composition shows off the statement “This Is Made Up.” Whether it’s immediately readable probably depends on the viewer. But regardless, the attention to detail and the application of color make this work something to stop and stare at.

Lemniscate Typography

Designer: Rosy Gorolova

Rosy Gorolova has created a masterful work of art with the Lemniscate series and typeface. I wouldn’t necessarily say that the way in which these letterforms are created is totally unique, but I will say that the meticulous detail in these lines is pretty incredible. The slight wavering of the lines in specific pieces, particularly the numbers, is really fascinating. It helps contrast the beautiful synchronization of the rest of the lines making up the majority. Lemniscate certainly evokes movement, liquidity, and evolution – three of the most fundamental notions in typography itself.

Architectural 3D Typography

Designer: Chris LaBrooy

This series of work by Chris LaBrooy contains beautifully composed typography. Letterforms become architecture, while the architecture shapes the letterforms. With apparent inspiration rooted in found objects and imaginative material, and a keen sense of color, balance, and composition, we’re provided concepts for spaces that speak to us through our language while retaining their necessary function, that being shelter and various types of open and closed space.

Work In Progress

The Blog

It’s been just about a year since I started talking about redesigning Four Fifths Design. After two design concepts finished and then scratched, I stepped back to reassess the state of this blog. I wondered whether the stress of designing for myself was worth the effort. I definitely continue to draw readers. I definitely continue to find inspiring work to provide insight on. I see no reason not to continue with the idea of redesigning. But I, as a professional, realized I needed to make a face for myself first. I don’t have a portfolio online as of right now – at least one that’s up to date. Nor do I have a hub for people to access in order to contact me or follow me.

The New Blog…Err Site!

With that said I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I began, and have since finished designing a personal website. It’s going to include information on myself, my portfolio, and of course, this blog. I’m integrating Four Fifths Design into the site. It only made sense. But this time around, I haven’t procrastinated. In fact, the design of the site has been done for some time now and is in a development queue. It’s set launch date is January 1, 2012 (approximate).


So what’s going to change? Well, the concept remains the same: to provide inspiring work to my readers in order to get their imagination going, as well as introduce them to new names and faces in the design community. There will, however, be additions. Expect to see a lot more written articles. I’ve personally began writing a lot more of my own, marrying my thoughts with my work and keeping track of the processes in written form. I’ve also started writing for Inspired Magazine. Now that I’ve become heavily involved in web design (more so than a year ago), I’d like to share with my readers a more intimate look into my working life in order to hopefully help those following in my path.

Until Then…

For now, I’ll leave you first with a sneak peak at some shots from the new site design, particularly the blog portion of the site. I’ll also add some shots of my current works in progress…Want to see more? Head on over to Dribbble to see what I’ve been involved in recently. Or you can simply click on any of the images.



Designer: Sergio Ingravalle

PIXELGALAXY is a book designed by Sergio Ingravalle that rediscovers the wonder of a childhood gadget that was more than just a toy. Its dedication: the Nintendo Gameboy. The content includes secrets of success, an overview of some of the Gameboy’s top games, and a particularly interesting look into the graphics. For my personal self, this is certainly a book of nostalgia. For others, this might be a much desired trip back to childhood. But for designers, including myself, this is pure inspiration.



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