A Macro Look at Nanoscopic Material Structures

by Patrick Branigan

Designer: Zeitguised

I’m unfamiliar with the name(s) behind Zeitguised, but I can tell you it wouldn’t matter because I’ve fallen hard in love with their work. Zeitguised boasts the intricate biography, “The strange, obscure twin of contemporary zeitgeist imagineering.”

From what I gather, they’re a motion and 3D creative studio that dabbles heavily in obscure, abstract, and visually stimulating work that proves effective both in motion and in print.

This piece in particular is a more recent example of the experimental nature of Zeitguised. “Sample Sample” is the portrayal of nanoscopic materials inspired by images of fabric materials. In essence, this is creating the simulation of photographed space which seduces the viewer to imagine an existing material reality.

The piece is created with two different levels of translation of textile pattern. The first is color – where a scan of the textile is taken to directly color individual parts of the structure. The second is fabric weavings – 3D dimensional stacks of interlocked platonic bodies. The key then is to offset these layers in relation with each other which results in the visual effect we see here.

It’s no wonder the work was shown at Kiss The Design Gallery in Lausanne, Switzerland. It’s smartly constructed, and visually gorgeous.

By all means, explore their portfolio…it’s pretty intriguing stuff.

(If I happen to misread or misunderstand the making of this piece, I apologize in advance!)