Introducing Sabadì

by Patrick Branigan

Designer: Happycentro

Happycentro is a studio begun in Verona, Italy in 1998. Their work always has something to say, relying heavily on experimentation and research. Their ability to strike beauty in odd materials and forms make Happycentro an entity to draw inspiration from time and again.

Sabadì is a brand that focuses on a typical sicilian method of making chocolate. The materials used come from Slow Food presidia with respect for small indigenous communities, the environment, and biodiversity.

The results are filled with personality and character. Included are six characters, six packages, and a crowner. What’s most attractive is the attention to detail relating to the relationship between the bars and their package. One often addresses the aesthetic of the package, making it achieve a goal of its own, and then addresses the goods within as a project in itself, making sure they too look quite nice. But the visual meshing of product and product packaging is where this piece is golden. The characters breathe, and their packaging comes alive. A fantastic job indeed.